Importance of HRM in hospital

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Why is Human Resource Management Necessary in the Healthcare Industry?


People have a wrong notion about the human resource department that the HR people have no work to do in the company apart from recruiting. But, the truth is that the HR person is the only one who looks after the compensation, employee satisfaction, recruitment etc. the HR department does not exist only to manage the employee issues, instead there are different responsibilities handled by the department.

In fact, you would be astonished to know that HR department handles a crucial job. A human resource management team looks after the overall success of a company. When it comes to the healthcare sector, HRM plays a critical role while dealing with effective and trustworthy services, offering professional workplace, attracting the talented candidates for employment and also take care of workplace safety.


Have you thought of what is HRM? Actually, human resource management is known to be a process that emphasises on recruiting and developing employees which can turn out to be beneficial for the organisation. The method would include different responsibilities such as analysing the job, handling employees’ salaries, evaluating employees and also communicating with staff.

HRM plays different roles in the hospital industry, and it is believed that having an HR manager in the healthcare organisation can surely help to offer useful services to ultimate customers.

  • Staffing and recruitment: It is essential that the hospital should have the suitable personnel. The manager is responsible for organising and finally performing selection procedure to choose appropriate candidates for the job. She decides the pay of employees which is further discussed with management.
  • Legal research: The HR manager is also responsible for doing proper research on rules and regulations associated with healthcare industry. If necessary, they may work in association with lawyers of the hospital. It is essential for an HR department to be well versed with different laws. Having sufficient knowledge can help the company to avoid unnecessary legal obligations.
  • Decision making: HR department is now taking part in the decision-making process and help the organisation to flourish. HR manager is no longer only associated with looking after the employee concern. But, it is vital for them to learn about different occurring in the healthcare industry and put a limit on staff disputes.

Skills of HR manager in healthcare

The HR manager should have the ability to develop reliable and a strong team so that a healthy workplace is encouraged. Having a better and organised system in a healthcare unit is always welcome! The manager has to juggle different responsibilities, and they play an important role when it comes to coordinating among employees.

There are different skills that the manager should possess:

  • Should be good at communication and have the problem-solving ability
  • An efficient decision maker can definitely make a manager efficient
  • Should be aware of budgeting and financing
  • Have the ability to coordinate with other departments

It is not possible for everyone to handle the job. Therefore, you should have a necessary degree in HR management that would give you knowledge on a variety of work and responsibilities.